it's February 13th, 2010 . . .
it's Star's 18th birthday !!!!
the sweet face I woke up to
Happy birthday little girl !
a good lesson to learn about life,
and, from living with kitties . . .
when you grow up, you can do things in any order you want to . . .
like - have desert first !!!
Star loves Pecan tarts
(better than cake - and I don't bake)
Star and Brigit shared the tart,
hmmm, yummy and sticky
then, for a good breakfast
after food,
then the natural thing to do is
then get up
and eat more food
Pipin tucked in with
bunny pal
Ely and kitty doll - her name is Lisa

honestly - the kitties do like to sleep with stuffies, and they choose the ones they like
(off-screen events - Star just came in asking for tuna . . .tho' she can still dance and beat up the boys, she is 18; mostly deaf, so she yells like Janis Joplin, and she likes her food brought to her - if that's on the bed - fine - groovy) now . . . i'm back.)
Star has always loved dolls, so she has her own bed - in front of the Bast - that she shares with Brigit when they are not sleeping with me
I know that Brigit naps . . .
but I don't have "the evidence"
mostly she is racing around like a little blurr of mischief - much like in this photo
Star and I after the afternoon nap
and now . . .
just some other stuff
views of the home-space
and creative activities . . .
i've started playing with multi-media painting using every thing from house paint, inks, water colors, pastels - thowin' it all together - new medias stretch to new technique - which is fun
Kitty T.V.
Brigit having some of my birthday chocolates  :)
water color pencils - these things are
very good for spontaneous creation, no palet, no mess, no hours of clean up
fantastic . . . just put on some tunes - and go - this is a creative portrait of Richard
a gift for the december season for him.
the vibrancy of the pencils after you add water is wonderful -
I wanted to express the brilliance of Richard's mind;
particularly in reference to a book that he is writing at this time.
I wish I had taken a photo of the
canvas before i began finding
the images last night.
when i moved into our new place
my bedroom was a gross color.
I bought about 6 cans of paint and changed that  - at the same time I realized
i didn't like many of my old paintings any
more - so I 'overpainted' the canvas's
with the house paint - this canvas was like
3 different colors of 'cleaning off the brush'
then - I saw faces in all the sweeps of
the large brush strokes . . .i've added,
water color and ink so far . . .
and when I'm not
doing that,
or this,
I love to
be doing
as often as I can