Celebrating Star!!!
it's her birthday
it's her birthday
it's her birthday
rock on kitty girl!!!
Star's stars
another Thor's day gal !!!
Wellllll . . . .
she's just 17
you know what i mean
and the way she looks is way beyond compare!
How could I dance with another
when I saw her dancin there

well, she looked at me
and I could see
that immediately I'd fall in love with her
i couldn't dance with another
once i saw her standin there
my heart went boom
when she crossed that room
(flew actually)
and I held her paws in mine!!

Well, we dance though the nights
and we hold each other tight
she loves me and i love her
she dances, plays and purrs
She's my awesome Star-cat girl
created with love  Feb 13, 2009, 4:30 am
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Star's birthday, Feb 13 2010, and some other bits in the homelife.