(and) . . .
then she said . . .

moments of . . .

the creative releases
from the dull . . .
inspired by the escapes from
"box world", linear, clock time,

journey, journal, memory, remembrances . . .
you won't find it in a store, or in a book,
get the heck outside . . . . it's a beautiful world

get some memories, collect them . . .
share with others and celebrate life
get smart!
there is always something going on here,
I don't know how he does it
razor sharp, compassionate, creative
zero on the 'fluff' - thank the gods.
a page made for Star's birthday, 2009
she just had her 18th birthday this Feb. 13 2010
and still chases the boys - you go girl !
(separate links to birthday pages)
I began this site in 2006
The intention of "then she said" was to have it
change constantly - like life.
As I prefer to be outside; updating is random
my most recent page
"my choice"
pretty much explains less desire at the computer.
But - I do like the idea of sharing what I learn from others and what my camera and I see.
The ELM leaf will take you through the site

update, November 24, 2010. . .
now random story poetry reading for others
life is changing alot, and I need to
be outside and with others more and more
updates with photography may happen randomly
This photo was taken first thing in the morning on Star's 18th birthday;
Star spun into the world happily on February 13,
at 10:20 am in 1989- I was there.
Star was never sick a day in her life; and was always the joyful playful one . .
let the others be queens and princes.
On October 10 at 4a.m 2010; she curled up and went to sleep.
My prayers were answered for her peace.

There's more pink being added to my bedroom because there's a loss of soft. My first poem Deunde was for her and others like her that gave beauty to life . . .and we go on.. .
a bit quieter than before . . .but we go on.
outside of the box . . . .